Shit Children Say: Part 1/∞

So, I work at elementary schools. And everyone knows that small children are tiny aliens in vaguely human bodies and/or straight up sassy assholes. As a result, I hear some pretty hilarious stuff, so I have decided to start compiling these nuggets of wisdom (?) for posterity. Also because I think my family is getting... Continue Reading →


Inaka Life: Tsuyu

Tsuyu (梅雨) is Japan's rainy season. It usually hits around June-early July. Some people are miserable when the rain comes around, the swinging barometric pressure causes headaches and you're pretty much guaranteed to be damp all day. And the humidity is off the charts. On the other hand, I love it. I love the rain... Continue Reading →

Gunma Golden Guides: Day 2

After a very busy day of outdoor adventures, firefly walks, and sitting in onsens on Day 1, we passed out. And then were up again, very bright and early. And on to Day 2! Tanigawadake Ropeway Now most people enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, especially after a long day and an... Continue Reading →

Tsuyu English Board

Tsuyu (梅雨) is the Japanese rainy season. Why are the kanji for it plum and rain? I don't know. And neither do any of the Japanese people I've asked. Anyway, it comes every year in June or thereabouts and brings a ton of rain and the occasional typhoon along with it. But it also give... Continue Reading →

Gunma Golden Guides: Day 1

What if I told you that you could go on a two day, one night, all expenses paid tour of all the best hot spots of Gunma? Perhaps you would say "No way, that's too good to be true!" or maybe "Where can I sign up??" or, maybe you would say...."what are the hot spots... Continue Reading →

Rice Planting

Late May is a very important time in the Japanese countryside. Mud becomes a carefully nurtured and valuable commodity and invading frogs become unbelievably loud at night. It's rice planting time! My house is located in a corner literally surrounded by 3 rice paddies; one right behind me and two to the side. My location... Continue Reading →

New Kit-Kats! Summer Flavors

So Kit-Kat has been going W I L D with new flavors this summer. Seriously. Every time I get groceries I seem to find new Kit-Kats. Ok so we have four new Kit-Kat flavors so far this summer. We have *drum roll* Mint, Peach Mint, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Cheesecake! As you can tell,... Continue Reading →

Summer English Board

My summer themed English board went up on May 30th, so maybe it's a bit too early to jump aboard the summer train. But I didn't have any better ideas for a theme. So here we are. Welcome to summer! First of all, this adorable summer banner thing is from Sisters Suitcase Blog (Sisters Suitcase... Continue Reading →

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