Spring English Board

Spring has (not) sprung, because it keeps randomly snowing and ruining all the progress spring had made on springing. I made a spring English board during my long hours of deskwarming purgatory for when/if the kids come back to school before summer. Strange times we're living in. First up, because of the release of Animal... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day 2020

After a month of school being closed and being unable to see the kiddos, everyone came in today for graduation. We were all required to wear masks and sanitize before going in to the ceremony. And it snowed. A lot. Which is really not what you want when you have to be wearing a skirt... Continue Reading →

How I’m Studying for JLPT N2

JLPT N2. It's a monster. A huge gap from N3 stands in the way, with only the rickety bridge of my study habits to cross the gorge. Right now, all schools in Japan are shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. Which is not something I thought I would ever say. Anyway, for reasons mysterious... Continue Reading →

Sunrise at Hottarakashi Onsen

My husband and I took a mini-vacation over a 3 day weekend to Yamanashi Prefecture. As I was scrolling through travel blogs (definitely not at work when I should have been doing work-type things) to figure out what we should do, I came across a brief mention of something that I knew I desperately had... Continue Reading →

My Life in an “Epidemic”

So, I'm sure some of you may have heard, but there's a little thing called coronavirus making it's way around Japan right now. *cough cough* maybe because the Diamond Princess quarantine was horribly bungled *cough* Anyway, I say "epidemic" with a health dose of sarcasm, because the situation is not really as bad as everyone... Continue Reading →

Graduation English Board

So, yesterday I worked very hard to make a very cute English Board for my graduating 6th graders. And then Abe decided to suggest all schools be shut down. So now those 6th graders may never actually see the damn board. Very frustrating. But! I still think it's super cute and I'm very happy with... Continue Reading →

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