Shibukawa – The Belly Button of Japan (日本のへそ)

Most cities have some sort of nickname or slogan. Not many claim to be the "belly button" of a country. The closest big(ish) city to my tiny town is about 30 min down the mountains, Shibukawa. Shibukawa is known for a lot of things - some famous onsen, a really weird spaceship bath, Initial D,... Continue Reading →

Regional Kit-Kats: Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi, Okinawa, and Shizuoka

There are region specific Kit-Kats all over Japan, and they have flavors that relate to whatever the famous local product is. Today, Husband and I will be sampling 4 regional flavors that we've picked up on our travels. Mt. Fuji - Strawberry Cheese Cake Husband says smells like strawberry cheese cake. I say smell like... Continue Reading →

The Yokai of the Pandemic: Amabie

The first time I heard of the amabie trend was when one of my favorite origami artists posted a how-to-fold video on making an amabie (Go check out kamikey origami they're amazing!). My response was, of course, what they hell is this mermaid frog looking thing? And then I promptly yeetus deletus-ed the info from... Continue Reading →

2020 Spring Kit-Kats

This spring has brought me a plentiful bounty of new Kit-Kat flavors. The flavors I'll be discussing today are: Seasonal Flavors: Yuzu Match and Ichigo Daifuku Sakura Flavors: Sakura Mochi and Sakura Japanese Sake Easter Flavor: Banana Some of these bags are the new paper bags that Nestle is rolling out. They have kind of... Continue Reading →

One Man and a History of Jingles

This article was published in the April 2020 issue of AJET's CONNECT magazine. You can read it, and many other issues, at CONNECT Issuu Mukaiya Minoru is a name you’ve probably never heard, but you’ve absolutely listened to his works. Multiple times. Possibly even every day. Maybe you even know some of his tunes so well,... Continue Reading →

Spring English Board

Spring has (not) sprung, because it keeps randomly snowing and ruining all the progress spring had made on springing. I made a spring English board during my long hours of deskwarming purgatory for when/if the kids come back to school before summer. Strange times we're living in. First up, because of the release of Animal... Continue Reading →

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