Winter English Board

I will be the first to say that this year's winter board is a bit of a mish-mash of things. I took extended leave for my honeymoon, so when I got back it was already almost the 3rd week of January and I still had a Christmas board up. So I had to fix that... Continue Reading →

Kawarayu Onsen Yukake Festival: Getting naked, flinging water, and catching chickens before dawn in the dead of winter

When my alarm went off at 4 AM on Monday morning, I questioned a lot of things. For example: Why the HELL am I awake at this time? Why is it so damn cold? Is there really any good reason to leave my safe futon of warmth? Normally, I'd say fuck no. But on this... Continue Reading →

Christmas English Board

Once again, I am posting my English board for the month almost at the end of the month. Oops, again. I promise it's been up since the beginning of December and I didn't just throw together a Christmas board the week before Christmas. The fun thing about putting together my boards in the winter is... Continue Reading →

Fall English Board

Wow this post is very late. Few days away from the start of December and I'm just now posting my Fall board whoops. I promise the board has been up for all of November and I didn't just stick it up in time for fall to be over. A very important part of fall here... Continue Reading →

Making Shibukawa-ni (渋皮煮)

Have you ever found yourself wandering through the woods, stepping on stabby hedgehog-ish pods to harvest chestnuts? And then did you find yourself listening to an old man's wisdom regarding said chestnuts, and then embarking on a week long adventure of Japanese sweets-making? This girl has. Shibukawa-ni Shibukawa is, besides being the name of a... Continue Reading →

Fall Flavors: Kit-Kats and Starbucks

Fall in Japan means the flavors of sweet potato, chestnuts, and persimmons. And this year, Kit-Kat and Starbucks have been killing my wallet (and waistline probably) with their tasty treats. Kit-Kats Okay I said fall flavors, but I'll throw in one summer flavor (because I totally forgot I hid the bag in my freezer) and... Continue Reading →

Kabocha Chocolate Chunk Cookies

As you likely know, Japan was just pounded by Typhoon Hagibis. It was really scary to go through, and my prefecture was hit pretty badly by landslides and flooding. Before the typhoon hit, everyone emptied the grocery store to stockpile food in case we needed it. I did that, but I also decided that to... Continue Reading →

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