Uekeno Haniwa no Sato Park and Kamitsukeno-sato Museum of Archeology

Gunma Prefecture has unofficially nicknamed itself Japan's "Haniwa Prefecture" because of the many well preserved archaeological discoveries of the clay figurines around the Gunma area. Haniwa are hollow terracotta figurines made in the Kofun Period. They were made to be buried or entombed with the dead in kofun (keyhole shaped burial mounds). The figures are... Continue Reading →

Summer English Board – Version 2

We're back from summer break! But of course it's still hot as hell and we're all kind of sluggishly dragging ourselves around. Huzzah. This English board has a lot of elements from last year's summer board, with a couple new sections. The first section is from last year - what various characters like doing in... Continue Reading →

Chatsubomi Moss Park and the Pit of Hell

Chatsubomi Moss Park (チャツボミゴケ公園) is a natural area preserved by the Ramsar Convention. It was incorporated into the Nakanojo area in 2012, and is about 30 min away from the popular onsen town Kusatsu. The park is a natural wonder - beautiful to the casual visitor, but also a deeply unique and fascinating environmental landscape.... Continue Reading →

Ume Syrup Update

The ume syrup is done! Technically, it was done a couple weeks ago but it was so sweet that I wanted to leave the plums in longer. Now it's perfect, with a bit of a sour kick! Last night, I pulled the plums out and strained the syrup into a jar. So far, I've tried... Continue Reading →

Beach English Board

This year, I decided not to reuse my summer English board materials and start from scratch. Buuut I may have gotten a little too involved in enjoying the theme and kinda.....left the education bit by the side of the road. So this is by far the least educational board I've ever made. But it's so... Continue Reading →

Making Umeshu and Ume Syrup

Mid to late June in the inaka is plum time. Not because the plums are all lovely and ripe and sweet, but because they're hard, green and bitter. The unripe plums are harvested to make homemade umeshu (plum liqueur). The local grocery store had a display as soon as you walked in of the liquor,... Continue Reading →

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