More Kit-Kat flavors!

I have so many Kit-Kats to talk about! It’s been a long time since my last Kit-Kat post, so now I have 9 flavors to discuss. I started out with 7, but as I was working on this a mango flavor came out. And then an ice cream one. Of course I couldn’t resist buying all the new flavors. Kit-Kat has continued to level up their packaging game. They have fully switched over to paper bags for all the flavors, including new ones. They have also done some artist collaborations on certain flavor packages. Without further ado, let’s get to the candy!

Matcha Tiramisu 🍵

This was a winter flavor, which is a bit unusual because matcha flavors generally show up in late summer. The tsubaki on the package definitely solidifies it’s place in a winter line-up though. The chocolate was made with matcha, and the cream inside has mascarpone powder and cream cheese powder.

  • Oooh smells interesting. Like matcha, but also something….sharp? And sweetish.
  • Hmm. I’m honestly not sure this takes that much different from a regular matcha flavor
  • There’s a bit of a tartness there, but I really think it’s mostly just matcha flavor
  • Not bad at all, but I don’t think it sets itself apart from the matcha

Banana Caramel 🍌

This flavor actually never showed up in my grocery store, and I only happened to randomly find it in the candy aisle of a drug store I was wandering through. I have no idea when it actually came out. The package says that the chocolate is banana caramel flavored, and there’s both banana and caramel powder in the cream.

  • Smells like “banana” flavor while still not overly artificial.
  • Definitely not cloyingly sweet and not trying to hard to push banananess
  • It’s slightly banana-y while being balanced by the chocolate and caramelly sweet richness
  • Incredible. I want this all the time always
  • I’m normally not a fan of “banana” flavored things but this one is really, really good.

Mint 🌿

You know it’s summer in Japan when the grocery store explodes into green, mint-colored packages. This flavor shows up every summer, and it’s never anything less than a banger. The package suggests that you eat it cold, which my husband heartily agreed with because he thinks any mint flavored candy or cookie should immediately go in the freezer.

  • Smells like one of those Andes after dinner mints. What more could you want? Honestly. It’s amazing.
  • Perfect balance of mintiness and chocolate. Mmm
  • The chocolate is definitely darker than a normal Kit-Kat, probably to help make it stand up against the mint.
  • Everything mint and chocolate is good. I don’t know what else I could say about this.

Cookies and Cream 🍪

This is another flavor that’s suggested to be served cold. It’s a summer flavor that seems like it’s leaning on an ice cream vibe, which I’m totally down for.

  • It smells….sweet. Genuinely can’t think of a better descriptor.
  • OOF that’s sweet. Soooo sweet
  • I’m honestly disappointed because the packaging and the way the candy looks all hint at some kind of chocolate-y Oreo cookie. I didn’t taste that AT ALL.
  • There was definitely a sweet cream flavor…yet no cookie.
  • It’s alright. Husband likes it a lot more than me. I was hoping for some flavor besides just sugar.

Cafe Latte ☕

I think this flavor used to be limited to “Kit-Kat For Cafe” packs sold in Costco, but it briefly appeared in grocery stores this year. The bags included 21 different wrapper designs with art and cute messages.

  • Smells ever so slightly like coffee
  • The white chocolate on the outside makes it quite sweet
  • The coffee cream on the inside actually has a nice coffee flavor that I want more of
  • More coffee please!!
  • It’s really yummy, but a bit too sweet for me. I love the coffee flavor and wish there was more of it to overwhelm to sweet chocolate.


This is another in the “adult sweetness” series – meaning that it’s not overly sweet to try to appeal to more sophisticated palates I suppose. I swear I saw this flavor a year or two ago and enjoyed it, but now it’s back!

  • Has a kind of weird artificial flavor
  • Very nicely tart! I love whatever the cream is in middle
  • I don’t know how much flavor the white chocolate on the outside has, but the creaminess balances the tart flavor on the inside
  • Doesn’t really taste like a raspberry, just sweet tartness. But I don’t mind
  • P damn tasty if you ask me

Whole Wheat Biscuit 🌾

This one, which I’m just going to translate as “graham cracker” from now on, looks like instead of being a seasonal flavor, it’s here to stay long term. There are 14 different designs by artist Yu Nagaba on the candy wrappers, and it’s suggested that you try eating them cold.

  • No real distinguishable smell other than sweetness
  • It’s sweet, but not overpowering
  • There really isn’t much flavor besides the sweetness from the coating
  • There’s a slightly nutty-ish flavor from the grain in the wafer that’s nice
  • I really like the texture of the wafer. Very crunchy
  • It’s nice, but nothing really special

Summer Mango

This is another flavor that never showed up in my regular grocery store and I found totally by accident. I’m super excited to try it, because I absolutely adore mangos. The packaging is very tropical themed, and there are 4 variations on the candy wrappers.

  • Has some kind of tropical fruity scent, couldn’t necessarily say it’s mango though
  • I haven’t had a lot of mango candy, but this tastes pretty right on the mark for the same flavor
  • It tastes a lot like how it smells – sweet and fruity. I think you would have to tell me it was meant to be mango for me to identify it, but it’s yummy!
  • I would have liked the fruit flavor to be stronger. It comes through in the aftertaste, but the first flavor that hits your tongue is just the sweetness of the chocolate coating.

Summer Ice Cream 🍦

This one just popped up in the grocery this week as part of the summer line up, and I really like the packaging. Kit-Kat apparently partnered with the Miraikan, a famous science museum in Tokyo focused on the world’s future. The bag encourages snackers to “think about the future together!” and individual candy wrappers have cute questions like “if you could make a robot, what would it do?” and “what kind of fashion item could also help protect you in a disaster?”

  • Smells super sweet
  • Not sure what the flecks are but they add a nice popping texture
  • Really no flavor except for sweet. I’m not sure what flavor I should be looking for since the pack just says “ice cream”
  • Too sweet for me, and I’d prefer a more distinctive flavor

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  1. lol, so many. Ive only seen the regular chocolates here in Holland.
    Made 2 big bottles of umeshi from dutch plumes-wodka and sugar:)
    In 6 months and then in one year I let u know what it turned into.
    Greethings from Oranda


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