Grad School: Semester Two

I keep trying to find time to write on this blog, but somehow seem to only be managing one post a semester or something like that. I promise I still want to! I just can’t find the time.

I’m a few weeks into my second semester studying translation and localization management at MIIS. This semester is looking to be very computer science heavy – I’m taking an intro to programming course as well as a website design/localization class. I thought I’d only be taking Japanese for my language classes this semester, but instead I’m adding HTML, python, and JavaScript as well. And the grammar for those languages is somehow even more complicated…

But look at this! I made this!

For Japanese, this semester’s course is focused on current news and global topics. We’re expected to pick a topic to focus in on, then seek out articles to read and write mini-reports on, to then culminate in an overall research paper at the end of the semester. I’m a bit intimidated, because I know reading and writing are some of my weaker skills, but it’s also good to know that this class will specifically target exactly what I need to improve on most. I also really want to focus on getting back into my individual study habits. Last semester, I was so overwhelmed and busy with adjusting to grad school and all my other classes that habits I had like keeping up with WaniKani reviews or studying my Anki decks completely fell to the wayside. I want to make a point to set aside time to do those things, because I know how helpful they are as study tools when used regularly.

As you can see, I have a slightly horrifying amount of catching up to do….

I’m tentatively setting the goal to try tackling the JLPT N2 again in December, but we’ll see how coursework + internship + life in general works out with that.


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  1. Glad to see you’re keeping this going. This blog has been my savior when it came to doing English walls for my schools, because I’m only slightly more creative than a potato.

    Keep up the hard work – I’m looking forward to seeing where your future takes you!!


    1. I’m so sorry for replying to this so late – thank you SO MUCH!! That was exactly what I was hoping for when I started sharing my English boards here so it’s really gratifying to know that ALTs are looking at it for inspiration


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