Spring English Board

Spring has (not) sprung, because it keeps randomly snowing and ruining all the progress spring had made on springing. I made a spring English board during my long hours of deskwarming purgatory for when/if the kids come back to school before summer. Strange times we're living in. First up, because of the release of Animal... Continue Reading →

Graduation English Board

So, yesterday I worked very hard to make a very cute English Board for my graduating 6th graders. And then Abe decided to suggest all schools be shut down. So now those 6th graders may never actually see the damn board. Very frustrating. But! I still think it's super cute and I'm very happy with... Continue Reading →

Winter English Board

I will be the first to say that this year's winter board is a bit of a mish-mash of things. I took extended leave for my honeymoon, so when I got back it was already almost the 3rd week of January and I still had a Christmas board up. So I had to fix that... Continue Reading →

Christmas English Board

Once again, I am posting my English board for the month almost at the end of the month. Oops, again. I promise it's been up since the beginning of December and I didn't just throw together a Christmas board the week before Christmas. The fun thing about putting together my boards in the winter is... Continue Reading →

Fall English Board

Wow this post is very late. Few days away from the start of December and I'm just now posting my Fall board whoops. I promise the board has been up for all of November and I didn't just stick it up in time for fall to be over. A very important part of fall here... Continue Reading →

Halloween English Board

Let me start by saying that I feel like every English board I make is better than the last one. I'm constantly learning new styles and tricks. But this one is definitely the one I'm the most proud of. Looking back on last year's Halloween board is kind of embarrassing. But this? This is killin'... Continue Reading →

Tsukimi/Undoukai English Board

September is the month of 運動会!  And the month of 月見! And the month of many public holidays! So excited to work hardly any Mondays this month. Anyway, I knew I had to do something sports day themed for this board. But I also knew that I didn't have a lot of ideas for what... Continue Reading →

Tsuyu English Board

Tsuyu (梅雨) is the Japanese rainy season. Why are the kanji for it plum and rain? I don't know. And neither do any of the Japanese people I've asked. Anyway, it comes every year in June or thereabouts and brings a ton of rain and the occasional typhoon along with it. But it also give... Continue Reading →

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