More Kit-Kat flavors!

I have so many Kit-Kats to talk about! It's been a long time since my last Kit-Kat post, so now I have 9 flavors to discuss. I started out with 7, but as I was working on this a mango flavor came out. And then an ice cream one. Of course I couldn't resist buying... Continue Reading →

Winter 2020-2021 Kit-Kats

This winter was unexpectedly busy for Kit-Kats, because they released their planned winter flavors and also had the "Destination Support" campaign flavors going on. The winter flavors were Sparkling Wine with Strawberry and Strawberry Milk. As usual, strawberry is a prevalent candy flavor in mid-winter. Shinshu Apple, Onsen Manju, and Strawberry Cheesecake were also released... Continue Reading →

2020 Spring Kit-Kats

This spring has brought me a plentiful bounty of new Kit-Kat flavors. The flavors I'll be discussing today are: Seasonal Flavors: Yuzu Match and Ichigo Daifuku Sakura Flavors: Sakura Mochi and Sakura Japanese Sake Easter Flavor: Banana Some of these bags are the new paper bags that Nestle is rolling out. They have kind of... Continue Reading →

Fall Flavors: Kit-Kats and Starbucks

Fall in Japan means the flavors of sweet potato, chestnuts, and persimmons. And this year, Kit-Kat and Starbucks have been killing my wallet (and waistline probably) with their tasty treats. Kit-Kats Okay I said fall flavors, but I'll throw in one summer flavor (because I totally forgot I hid the bag in my freezer) and... Continue Reading →

New Kit-Kats! Summer Flavors

So Kit-Kat has been going W I L D with new flavors this summer. Seriously. Every time I get groceries I seem to find new Kit-Kats. Ok so we have four new Kit-Kat flavors so far this summer. We have *drum roll* Mint, Peach Mint, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Cheesecake! As you can tell,... Continue Reading →

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