Farewell English Board

I have truly loved stretching my creative muscles to design and create my English boards over the past 3 years. It's crazy to look at my first attempts, and then look at how much more refined and pretty the boards became with more and more practice. I never thought that this would be something I... Continue Reading →

Tsuyu English Board – Version 2

When I first started working on this board, it had been pouring rain for days and a tsuyu (rainy season) theme seemed very fitting. Now that I've finished it, it's sunny and hovering around 30 degrees, where it will be for the rest of the week. Uuuuuuuugh. Anyway, I'm extremely pleased with what I've done... Continue Reading →

Animal Crossing/Spring English Board

So Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out around this time last year. Everyone was super excited about it, and every ALT I knew was doing Animal Crossing English Boards or decorations. I wanted in on the hype, so I made my little Animal Crossing board that I thought was super cute and the kids would... Continue Reading →

Graduation Board – Space Theme

Well, it's that time again. The babies are leaving the nest. It gets harder every year, because I've been with that group of kids longer. I've taught this group of kiddos since they were in 4th grade. Those little twerps have grown so much *sobs* Okay, time to hold back all my sniffles (until the... Continue Reading →

New Year/Zodiac English Board

Wheeeew long time, no post. I've mostly been happy to reuse my old stuff for English Boards this year, and so I've only made a few new things here and there. I recharged a bit over winter break and decided to put the energy into doing something new for my January board this year. Ta-da!... Continue Reading →

Summer English Board – Version 2

We're back from summer break! But of course it's still hot as hell and we're all kind of sluggishly dragging ourselves around. Huzzah. This English board has a lot of elements from last year's summer board, with a couple new sections. The first section is from last year - what various characters like doing in... Continue Reading →

Beach English Board

This year, I decided not to reuse my summer English board materials and start from scratch. Buuut I may have gotten a little too involved in enjoying the theme and kinda.....left the education bit by the side of the road. So this is by far the least educational board I've ever made. But it's so... Continue Reading →

Spring English Board

Spring has (not) sprung, because it keeps randomly snowing and ruining all the progress spring had made on springing. I made a spring English board during my long hours of deskwarming purgatory for when/if the kids come back to school before summer. Strange times we're living in. First up, because of the release of Animal... Continue Reading →

Graduation English Board

So, yesterday I worked very hard to make a very cute English Board for my graduating 6th graders. And then Abe decided to suggest all schools be shut down. So now those 6th graders may never actually see the damn board. Very frustrating. But! I still think it's super cute and I'm very happy with... Continue Reading →

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