Shit Children (and Coworkers) Say: Part 2/∞

7/16/19 - Korean Koalas Today I was helping a 5th grader with his self introduction and talking about things he likes when he came out with "I like Koreas." We both sat there and thought about it for a minute. "No! I like koalas!" It's ok, kid. Korea, koala, tomato, tomahto. 9/4/19 - Surprise Test... Continue Reading →

Shit Children Say: Part 1/∞

So, I work at elementary schools. And everyone knows that small children are tiny aliens in vaguely human bodies and/or straight up sassy assholes. As a result, I hear some pretty hilarious stuff, so I have decided to start compiling these nuggets of wisdom (?) for posterity. Also because I think my family is getting... Continue Reading →

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