At GDC 2022: Big in Japan, Not in the West

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Games Development Conference in San Francisco this year. My favorite session from Day 1 was Anne Ferrero's talk entitled "Big in Japan, Not in the West: The Difficulties of Cross-Cultural Appeal" discussing the difficulties Japanese indie developers face in creating and publicizing their games. Her... Continue Reading →

How to get an EpiPen in Japan

Disclaimer: this is written from the perspective of someone who has carried an EpiPen before and was trying to get a prescription to replace an expired injector, not get a first time script issued. This is also not intended to be a medical guide, merely a (hopefully useful) description of my own experience. Where to... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day 2020

After a month of school being closed and being unable to see the kiddos, everyone came in today for graduation. We were all required to wear masks and sanitize before going in to the ceremony. And it snowed. A lot. Which is really not what you want when you have to be wearing a skirt... Continue Reading →

Rice Planting

Late May is a very important time in the Japanese countryside. Mud becomes a carefully nurtured and valuable commodity and invading frogs become unbelievably loud at night. It's rice planting time! My house is located in a corner literally surrounded by 3 rice paddies; one right behind me and two to the side. My location... Continue Reading →

Japanese high school life in the Heisei era at the heart of new Pocky x Milk Tea collaboration — SoraNews24 Bittersweet flavours combine to create a whole new taste sensation. Japan is currently heading towards a momentous moment in history due to arrive on 31 April, when Emperor Akihito steps down from the throne and ends his 30-year reign, bringing a close to the Heisei era. The occasion is prompting a lot of people around…... Continue Reading →

Fall in the Inaka

Fall has come to the mountains, and we've been swept up in beautiful color and an astonishing amount of agriculture. Daikon, sweet potatoes, kaki (Japanese persimmon), and chestnuts are the foods of the season. Of course when you live in a town that's main export is vegetables, you don't really buy your veg at the... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Gorin Ondo

Okay so the Tokyo 2020 Olympic committee just came out with a new promo video....AND I LOVE IT. I have a deep love for both enka and bon dance so this video is just amazing. The video shows a dance they're calling the "Gorin Ondo." Gorin is the usual shorthand/slang used to refer to the Olympics. It... Continue Reading →

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