Spring/Graduation English Board

This month's English board is a combination of two themes. First is graduation, as the 6th graders will be graduating to go to middle school in two weeks. I'm gonna miss them so much (´;д;`) Second is spring! Because it's finally, FINALLY starting to get warm and I'm just so tired of everything being gray... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day English Board

This board was very difficult for me. Mostly because my co-teacher didn't want the board to focus on love, as that would be distracting for students (they're in elementary school!). But he still wanted a board about Valentine's Day for the kids to learn about American culture. So. I had to make a Valentine's day... Continue Reading →

Winter English Boards

The holidays are a great time to go nuts with decorating, including in the classroom. That being said, this is my first year of teaching and I had no idea how to make a good English board so I spent HOURS wandering around on Pinterest. So many white middle aged moms....so many....also what is the... Continue Reading →

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