Starbucks Sakura 2019 🌸

So I'm a little late to the party, as Starbucks started selling sakura menu items a few weeks ago, but oh well. I never go to Starbucks. I used to work at Starbucks, and I KNOW that I can't afford to be drinking there. Also, the coffee isn't that great, just saying. And Pike Place... Continue Reading →


Getting Ready for Setsubun Around Town

There are demons popping up all over town. They're in the grocery store, they're in the streets, they're in the Lawsons! Fortunately, my town is not about to be taken over by forces of evil. The adorable demon invasion is just signaling that Setsubun (Feb. 3rd) is near, and spring will soon follow (hopefully).  Setsubun... Continue Reading →

Winter English Boards

The holidays are a great time to go nuts with decorating, including in the classroom. That being said, this is my first year of teaching and I had no idea how to make a good English board so I spent HOURS wandering around on Pinterest. So many white middle aged many....also what is the... Continue Reading →

Fall in the Inaka

Fall has come to the mountains, and we've been swept up in beautiful color and an astonishing amount of agriculture. Daikon, sweet potatoes, kaki (Japanese persimmon), and chestnuts are the foods of the season. Of course when you live in a town that's main export is vegetables, you don't really buy your veg at the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Inaka

Where I am        As I've been living and working in Japan for about a month now, I think it`s time to post an update. First, an explanation of where I am. I live in a small, mountainous town called Higashiagatsuma-machi in Gunma Prefecture. I say small, but the area the town covers... Continue Reading →

Japanese version of Clean Bandit’s song “Solo” is set in Kyoto, impresses Japanese fans — SoraNews24 The video is an homage to the beautiful old Japanese city and a reflection of their love for Japanese culture and aesthetics. Clean Bandit is a British electronica pop group known for their unique style that combines classical instruments with dance pop. Perhaps they’re most famous for their 2016 hit “Rockabye”, performed in collaboration with…... Continue Reading →

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