Kanji of the Year 2018 -災

Every year on December 12th, the chief priest of Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto reveals a kanji that was chosen to be the most representative of that year in Japan. The kanji is selected by popular vote, and is finalized by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Foundation. This year's kanji is the rather depressing 災, meaning "disaster."... Continue Reading →


Kanji of the Year (今年の漢字)

The tradition of Kanji of the Year started in 1995, and is held by the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society. Which is a thing, apparently. Basically, every year, Japanese people vote on a kanji that best summarizes what happened that year. For example, 2016's kanji was gold (金) because Japan won a lot of gold medals... Continue Reading →

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